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Welcome to our blog...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Easter, We’re Multiplying
in a Big Way!

The Big Bear Country Store Grows up to Become the All Natural Country Store.

Long before J.R Ewing of the television series “Dallas” captured the attention of millions of Americans as head of the Ewing clan, J.R. Watkins was helping thousands of post-Depression men and women realize the American dream of building a home business to support their families. The J.R. Watkins Company began in 1868, but by the late 1900s the founder’s door-to-door sales team had expanded throughout the United States and Canada.                                                                                                        

Today, the former Big Bear Country Store, a Watkins distributorship in a small Southern California mountain lake community, experienced significant growth throughout 2012, and is about to achieve a record-breaking first quarter of 2013. More than one relative or long-time friend has come by its Watkins booth at public events, ruffled the thinning hair of Alan Lukes or rubbed the bald head of David Gurzenski, to say, “I remember when you two guys were like some small time, mom-and-pop operation. Somehow, you proved all the soothsayers wrong.”

This Easter, as millions of Americans are dying eggs and filling themselves with spongy yellow chicks, the Watkins management team of Alan Lukes and David Gurzenski are seeing the fruits of their labor begin to germinate. Five short years ago, at a time when the recession was crushing at least 90 % of new business, they opened their fledgling business in Big, Bear, California. It was Lukes, who first convinced Gurzenski that the time was right to make a fresh start. Both of them saw their positions disappear when the economy took a drastic turn. Today, they credit much of their success to an excellent brand in J.R. Watkins Naturals, an upper management team second to none, the power of the Internet, and lots of hard work. They are perfectly satisfied with being big fish in a small pond; living in a location like Big Bear Lake has its blessings. However, they quickly learned you had to have more than one, maybe even more than two jobs, before you begin to see the fruits of your labor pay off.  Some folks aren’t made for this kind of a lifestyle – it doesn’t provide much security when you are accustomed to having a big corporate giant behind you with all sorts of perks, such as stock options, excellent medical benefits and corporate matching of employee saving contributions. Despite all that Gurzenski and Lukes are spreading their Watkins wings well beyond the borders of Big Bear.  They have built their own sales team of some 50 consultants and a customer base of nearly 1,000 customers from Southern California to Maine, from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida. They also have moved across our northern border into several Canadian providences.

Certainly much of that growth is due to the reputation for quality, natural products that J.R. infused in a growing line of apothecary, gourmet foods and spices, and all natural body and home care products. The Big Bear Country Store began it growth spurt in early 2012 when they decided to advertise on Google, one of the Internet’s largest and most recognized search engines. Spurred on by the expanding confidence of the computer for online transactions, requests for Watkins catalogs, online orders and questions about the Watkins business opportunity came pouring in from across the country.

Not that Alan and David have decided to forgo the Big Bear weekly farmers market and other public events throughout San Bernardino and other surrounding counties. Big Bear’s first Tuesday farmer’s market will begin April 2. Their next appearance takes place at the San Bernardino Home and Garden Show April 5, 6 and 7. For further details about these events, check out our web site at www.AllNaturalCountyStore.com.  

“These events keep us in touch with our local communities, and help us determine the most requested products in each city; we’re always on the lookout for others interested in launching their own home business,” said Alan. As far as those favorite products, “J.R. Watkins’ first product -- a red Pain Liniment he first produced in his kitchen sink back in 1968 -- is still popular, but the double-strength vanilla, black pepper and cinnamon have won international awards at World Fairs. Recently, the introduction of dip and snick mixes and other gourmet seasonings have helped lead a new generation of young Americans and Canadians  ready to give up high calorie fast foods to Watkins’ all-natural life style,” adds David, “thereby expanding the name of our business to the All Natural Country Store.”

This new branding follows the same path established by the parent company, where the word “Naturals” appears on most of its 350+ products. It gives us great pride to feel part of a movement much larger than ourselves, and we invite others across the country to join us on this exciting path as well,” said David.  For more information, please use our toll-free number 888-881-7372.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Cleaning
Was Never This Easy
So easy, in fact, a Vanderbilt might try her hand at it!

Hello there. This is Mrs. Vanderbilt. Someone told me that J.R. Watkins has a line of safe, natural home care cleaners to make my own home spotless while receiving 25% off the retail price of all 350 Watkins products. Is that true?

That’s right, Mrs. Vanderbilt, and just in time for spring cleaning. An initial $39.95 membership in the All Natural Country Store’s Wholesale Shopping Club will save you 25 cents off every dollar spent on some 350 Watkins products, including its award-winning double-strength Vanilla, Cinnamon and Black Pepper. Watkins has just introduced a set of glass-bottled spices that might make you think about eliminating your cook as well. Just click on Join Us to learn more about this wonderful offer.

Wonderful! I’ll send the chauffeur over with my check right away.  If I’m saving 25%, I would like to order one of everything Watkins carries. Is that possible?

You betcha, Mrs. Vanderbilt. No need to have your man drive down here. I know one of our local Watkins consultants would be more than happy to come by with that order.

That’s even better! You also can reduce my gas bill! Just have your Watkins man buzz me when he arrives. By the time the elevator reaches the penthouse, I can have another check ready for the total.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Many believe in a better world, keeping it a green for the next generation. We feel that way, too. It is one of the reasons we became involved in Watkins in the first place.

Yes, it’s good to know that you can earn extra money to help your family make ends meet. But you may not know that a company has been in existence since 1868, helping thousands of people from one generation to the next do just that.

It was nearly 145 years ago that J.R. Watkins came up with the idea of a company that would actually sell its Pain Relieving Liniment door-to-door, thereby making it unnecessary to buy expensive advertising or hire a marketing firm to spread the name of Watkins throughout the growing country. After all, it was a young country. It was the time for a better way of doing business.

Your parents or grandparents may remember the Watkins man coming to their front door once, maybe twice, a month with his brief case loaded with products created with the finest ingredients that avoided anything that would be harmful to the household, or would hurt the environment in any way. Many call Watkins the first company in America devoted to making the world a better place -- a green world — through one satisfied customer at a time.

J.R. Watkins also came up with the idea of providing a 100%, money-back guarantee to any customer, who was unsatisfied with a Watkins product after using it for 30 days. No questions asked; well, maybe telling the Watkins rep how the company might improve the product to make it better for others.

Yes, doing the right things right. Protecting the one world we were given, introducing new ideas that would lead to a better way of business, and passing along a profit from the products back to the very men and women, who sold the products to their customers.  Who could argue with a company that was built on such a philosophy, and practices it to this very day?

Now, it’s our turn. Join hands with today’s ever-evolving company, one of the few that continues to reformulate its products to be called natural by such leading organizations as the Natural Products Association. What a way to make yourself feel better, not only by helping your family, but by helping their families live in a better world. That’s what Watkins can do. That’s what we call it downright amazing!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

any times we are asked by individuals, who visit our Watkins booth at public events, “What gets you so excited about these products?” That question can turn into an hour-long discussion. The first thing that jumps into my mind, of course, is the quality of  Watkins products.

Second would be the growing list of all-natural items in our product lines. And third would be the strong name of Watkins itself, a company that has been growing its brand recognition since 1868.

But this morning, I received this posting from our Watkins silver manager Melody Thacker that made me think of another measurement of success — that is the support, encouragement and motivation we receive from our upline management team. Whenever Melody comes across anything she feels that will cause  us to burst our buttons, she sends    it on to all of us. Upline managers gain from   the success  of  their     downline, but we always know that all of us will achieve more by working together.  The more motivated every member of the team is, the more successful we all are.

The particular quote above by Maya Angelou that Melody sent succinctly sums up how all of us associated with Watkins feel about this amazing company, and upon which we have established our own part-time businesses. It can be a challenge to convince others to  join our team, and share in our success. But in the meantime, we all achieve extreme satisfaction knowing that we are helping improve the health of our customers, as well as contributing to America’s all natural movement.

Are you happy with what you are doing to help your family through the difficult times? Watkins may be part of the answer. Call us at 888-881-7372. ~