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Welcome to our blog...

Friday, November 4, 2011

What a Great Time to be Living in Big Bear, California!


Autumn is our favorite time of year in Big Bear. The oaks, aspens and maples are changing their leaves. Even the sunsets seem to be competing with the trees as to which one can put on a bigger Technicolor show. The air is crisp, and there’s already a fire burning in the hearth. It certainly is the season of giving thanks for all the beauty around us, and our family and friends to share it with.

It’s also time to start thinking about that Thanksgiving menu, and what needs to be ordered through Watkins to be sure it arrives long before November 24th.  There’s not a better way of letting your family and close friends know how much they mean to you than with a feast they will long remember.
Now is the time to Gobble up These Savings for Your Thanksgiving Table
Check out what’s on special by clicking the Monthly Specials link on the left column of the website, then on November Monthly Specials. There you will find one of our seasonal favorites that seem to sell out as soon as we put it on display at our public events – Watkins PumpkinBread Mix! We can’t think of a better bread to serve at Thanksgiving, or to give as a gift to your host, or your family members who can’t be part of your turkey celebration. Right now, you can purchase one bread mix at the regular price of $5.99 and get a second bread mix for only $3.49!

Those Watkins bakers have been busier than our Big Bear squirrels gathering acorns and pine nuts for the winter. You have to glance at the current featured recipe on the website – Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake.  Sure, you have your traditionalists who insist that their Thanksgiving pie be plain and simple pumpkin.  Why wouldn’t a pumpkin cheesecake made with Watkins Double-Strength Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves and Ginger be a hit with all your guests? Just be sure you have all those spices in your cabinet. Right now, the WatkinsDouble-Strength 11 oz. Vanilla is on special for only $13.99. That’s two dollars off the regular price. You know you’re going to need plenty of vanilla for other holiday baking to come. So you better stock up now. You can always run over to a neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar. But they wouldn’t be as neighborly if they were running low on their last bottle Watkins vanilla at holiday time. Perhaps you should think about giving a bottle to your neighbors, along with a loaf of pumpkin bread fresh from your oven.

If you’re like our household, you can never get enough pumpkin, particularly this time of year. Watkins Pumpkin Butter Spread was such a big hit last year when it was first introduced, the product quickly sold out. While the Winona plant upped the production count this year, we always get worried when we see the words, “limited quantities” in the catalog. That’s why we ordered a dozen this year just to be on the safe side. Our “all-natural” customers love this butter, particularly when we tell them it’s only 30 calories per tablespoon.

But just in case you want a change of pace, there’s a new spread that’s getting rave reviews – Watkins Apple Cranberry Butter! As the catalog reads, “Enjoy this delightful butter with the sweet taste of apples and cranberries. It’s equally perfect for a holiday feast or an everyday treat. Spread on toast and bagels, or add to any dish you would like to enhance with the delectable flavor of apples and cranberries. ” For those who just can’t make up their mind, why not put a jar of both on your Thanksgiving table. Both are just $6.99 a jar.

We know this blog is getting far too long, so you will have to go through the amazing list of other products that will make you holiday baking, entertaining and gift-giving a wonderful experience this year. We ask you to consider Watkins turkey rub for your holiday bird, and the Cucumber and Dill, Garlic and Dill, and new Garlic Parmesan  Snack and Dip Seasonings when preparing your holiday party platters.