Welcome to our blog...

Welcome to our blog...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Treat or Treat?

Just ring our toll-free doorbell and you will receive a treat that will brighten up your entire holiday season.

It’s a scary time out there. No wonder many people today are afraid to make any move that might cause the family finances to become even more catastrophic then they already are. Those who are employed, even part-time, are concerned that anything they do beyond jumping when the boss asks for anything will upset the applecart.

But even your boss must recognize that your limited salary can be stretched just so far to cover the increasing costs of gas, food and clothing to run a household. Therefore, he or she will applaud the initiative you took to begin your own home-based Watkins business that you can work on in the evening and weekends.

When your youngsters rang doorbells on Halloween, there was no guarantee that the treats they collected will be as good as they hoped. But with Watkins, there is a money-back guarantee that the $39.95 (plus tax) you shell out to become a Consultant of the 144-year-old company will be a good investment. If you are not completely satisfied after your first 30 days with the company, just call our toll-free number, and we will have your money back pronto.

We doubt that will be necessary. We are beginning the busiest and most profitable season for Watkins Consultants. First of all, you will immediately receive 25% off the retail price of all orders you place for holiday baking, entertaining and gift-giving. Certainly, there is a friend or family member on your gift-list who aspires to be a great chef, or at least the greatest one on the block. A perfect gift for that person is Watkins’Gold Medal Set containing our International award-winning vanilla, cinnamon and black pepper.  Normally, $33.99, you cost is only $25.49 when you sign up as a Consultant.  We also have a great assortment of nicely wrapped Gift Packages for your holiday gift giving.

We suggest one of the first events you plan is a fall harvest tasting reception/new business launch in your home, or have your best friend serve as host for the event. Certainly, the both of you can come up with the names of dozens of friends and family members planning their own holiday shopping list. Many of them may already be familiar with the Watkins brand, and jump at the opportunity of supporting you in your new venture. As your Watkins managers, we help you every step of the way with Watkins’ time-tested formula for such an event. Watkins men and women were holding these money-making events years before Tupperware was even born.  

You opened your door to all those little gremlins this Halloween, now it’s your turn to collect a great treat for yourself. Call us toll-free at 888-881-7372, or visit our website at www.BigBearCountryStore.co , to receive your guaranteed treat to enhance your family’s financial future.




Monday, October 29, 2012

Thinking Outside the Apple Basket

Why keep the delicious fragrance of apples confined to your kitchen?  It also can be a great addition to your bath.
It was a particular pleasure to pick the green apples off the tree in the back yard this year, its limbs arching downward with the weight of the abundant fruit. A good harvest indeed! I’ve learned that picking them while still green -- with just a blush of reddish pink -- will result in the best apple pie.  But the different varieties, and the high volume rolling down conveyor belts this fall, well, your local supermarket is an apple-lover’s paradise right now.

Before you think this blog will tell you how to make a perfect apple pie using Watkins Double-Strength Vanilla, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, think again. This blog is about  the new Watkins Kids’ Juicy Sweet Apple Foaming Hand Soap.

I wish I could tell you why this is labeled a “Kids’ soap.” It was just my good luck that I discovered another great use for this amazing product. It creates the perfect shaving lather! There I was, standing in my skivvies; going through every drawer in the bathroom after all the oomph went out of my arousal can of shaving cream. Don’t you just hate that?

That’s when I noticed the Apple Foaming Soap on the sink, just egging me on to give it a try. I had my doubts. After all, I was well beyond childhood. Perhaps if I rubbed the sweet-smelling foam on my face and neck, the lather would cause my vocal chords to revert back to my pubescent state, when I sounded like that guy in the Four Seasons with the perfect falsetto, followed by an  anguishing year during which I couldn’t say a single sentence without my voice breaking. There went my singing career. At least I didn’t need to shave back then. But I digress.  

I very consciously applied the cool, white foam to my face, neck and – what-the-heck, you only live one life – my entire head to get rid of any sign of stubble. Then I took the blade, and let it glide down my face. Wow! Talk about amazing! The foam was just the right consistency needed, the perfect combination of liquid and soap that caused every single hair to stand up to be cut down without a fight. And the aroma! It immediately made me rush to the frig and slice up an apple!
Do kids still take apples to their teacher to get on her or his best side? 

Perhaps today a smart-thinking youngster might consider showing up for class with a bottle of Watkins Kids’ Juicy Sweet Apple Foaming Hand Soap, letting her know it will make her hands smell like a freshly sliced apple, or letting him know their dad uses the all-natural foaming liquid as the perfect alternative to destroying the ozone layer with an arousal can of shaving cream!