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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Countdown to Christmas
Now is the time to get crackin’ to make 2012 a successful year for your business.

Our upline Watkins manager Melody Thacker posted the following message on the Gold Team’s Facebook page: “Sixty percent of your annual sales will happen in November and December! You can make a good income if you work your business from now up to Christmas. But it's not enough to want it - you have to work it!”
How very true that is. Christmas is a wonderful time of year -- remembering those friends who made your 2012 extra special, and all those family members who are so important in your life. What about all those holiday parties you will be attending? Don’t you need something more unique than a bottle of wine for your host or hostess? Was this the year you established your Watkins business? Did you have an event to announce your new venture? This is the perfect month to do it. It’s a way for all those people important to you to learn that 2012 was the year you established your own home business. That’s big news. Your friends and family want your business to be a success. Don’t you think they are looking for suggestions for all the people on their gift lists?
Watkins makes that very easy for us this year. Here’s a few favorite things we know anyone would be happy to unwrap on Christmas morning. In fact, did you know Watkins has a new gift set that’s called “A Few of Our Favorite Things” Kit? How appropriate for this time of year! It’s a collection of some of Watkins’ best-selling apothecary items. This kit sounds like a fruit salad of scents: Lavender Bath and Body Oil, Coconut Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion, Raspberry Weatherproofing Lip Balm, Foot Repair Salve, and Lemon Cream Hand Cream. The kit is just $9.99.
Here’s another gift set that seems perfect for ladies preparing to make a stop or two under the mistletoe. It’s called the Hands and Feet Retreat.” It contains Foot Repair Salve, Lavender Shea Butter Hand Cream and Custom Nail File and Buffer.  The kit is just $13.99.
Let’s turn to the chefs on your gift list. Watkins has been producing its own Gold Medal Assortment in distinctive Watkins gift boxes for many years. It contains the 11 fl. oz. bottle of the Original Double Strength Vanilla, and 6 oz. tins of Cinnamon and Black Pepper. It carries the Gold Medal title because all three Watkins products have received gold medals at the World Fair. Unfortunately, there has been such a demand for the 11 oz. size of the Double Vanilla that there only a limited number still available. The Gold Medal Assortment is priced at $33.99. Is that too much to ask your customers to shell out? That does not stop the creative among us. Why not design your own Gold Medal Sampler? Find an attractive box (gold is a good choice for obvious reasons.) Then select 2 oz. bottles of Watkins Double Strength Vanilla Extract, add 2 oz. tins of the black pepper and a bottle of cinnamon. That way, the contents ($4.19 for the vanilla, $3.49 for the pepper and $4.98 for the cinnamon) will only cost your customers $12.66 if you throw in the cost for the box and bow. You can collect $3.17 for every box you sell with your 25% discount.
A perennial gift favorite that Watkins has been producing for some time are the Natural Sink Sets. It’s the perfect gift for your host or hostess. It comes it three scents: Lavender, Lemon and Aloe and Green Tea. Each set contains an 11 oz. bottle of liquid hand soap and hand & body lotion. The two bottles come in a distinctive black metal holder with the Watkins name engraved on black metal plate. $17.99 is a realistic price for such a handsome gift.
Let’s not forget your own holiday baking. You should have been at the Thanksgiving table of your manager Alan Lukes. He covers his yams with butter, brown sugar and Watkins cinnamon, then bakes them. What a heavenly aroma fills his kitchen! In the last 10 minutes of baking, Alan covers the yams with miniature marshmallows. Yum! 
The turkey gained its golden glaze and distinctive flavor with a mixture of Watkins Poultry Seasoning and All-Natural Grapeseed Oil. Adding to the turkey’s moisture, as well as a rich taste to the mashed potatoes, was Watkins Roasted Turkey Gourmet Gravy Mix. Guests will think it took hours to fix, but all you have to do is add water and simmer.
Don’t forget Watkins Gourmet Snack & Dip Seasonings. The Watkins General catalog offers a number of baking tips, such as stirring the Cucumber & Dill Dip mix into mash potatoes or sprinkle on your baked potatoes. We could go on. But don’t forget. You only have until Dec 11 to guarantee that your holiday shipment will reach your front door before Christmas. If you are planning your own Watkins holiday party, you better work on your order this week!
This year, we donated three Watkins gift baskets to our church Christmas bazaar. They are easy to make. Line your basket with red or green tissue paper. Fill the basket with an assortment of Watkins products. Make sure each one has your re-order information, and include a Watkins catalog with your name and contact information. Top it off with some realistic evergreens and pinecones. Here in Big Bear, we like to add a stuffed bear. We have a number of grandmothers in our church that fondly remember the Watkins label. Today, they also love our teddy bears for grandchildren!
Alan goes a bit Christmas-crazy this time of year. He’s in a state of depression because the exterior lights are yet to be up on the house. He likes to have them up the day after Thanksgiving. His house is known as the Beary Christmas Cottage, with its green exterior color, white trim and red front door. His kitchen tiles have images of Christmas trees, Santa, wreaths and holly. His depression does not lift until Big Bear is covered in snow. But above all, we never forget the true meaning of Christmas. Even though it’s still early in the month, let’s keep in mind why we celebrate Christmas every year.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Treat or Treat?

Just ring our toll-free doorbell and you will receive a treat that will brighten up your entire holiday season.

It’s a scary time out there. No wonder many people today are afraid to make any move that might cause the family finances to become even more catastrophic then they already are. Those who are employed, even part-time, are concerned that anything they do beyond jumping when the boss asks for anything will upset the applecart.

But even your boss must recognize that your limited salary can be stretched just so far to cover the increasing costs of gas, food and clothing to run a household. Therefore, he or she will applaud the initiative you took to begin your own home-based Watkins business that you can work on in the evening and weekends.

When your youngsters rang doorbells on Halloween, there was no guarantee that the treats they collected will be as good as they hoped. But with Watkins, there is a money-back guarantee that the $39.95 (plus tax) you shell out to become a Consultant of the 144-year-old company will be a good investment. If you are not completely satisfied after your first 30 days with the company, just call our toll-free number, and we will have your money back pronto.

We doubt that will be necessary. We are beginning the busiest and most profitable season for Watkins Consultants. First of all, you will immediately receive 25% off the retail price of all orders you place for holiday baking, entertaining and gift-giving. Certainly, there is a friend or family member on your gift-list who aspires to be a great chef, or at least the greatest one on the block. A perfect gift for that person is Watkins’Gold Medal Set containing our International award-winning vanilla, cinnamon and black pepper.  Normally, $33.99, you cost is only $25.49 when you sign up as a Consultant.  We also have a great assortment of nicely wrapped Gift Packages for your holiday gift giving.

We suggest one of the first events you plan is a fall harvest tasting reception/new business launch in your home, or have your best friend serve as host for the event. Certainly, the both of you can come up with the names of dozens of friends and family members planning their own holiday shopping list. Many of them may already be familiar with the Watkins brand, and jump at the opportunity of supporting you in your new venture. As your Watkins managers, we help you every step of the way with Watkins’ time-tested formula for such an event. Watkins men and women were holding these money-making events years before Tupperware was even born.  

You opened your door to all those little gremlins this Halloween, now it’s your turn to collect a great treat for yourself. Call us toll-free at 888-881-7372, or visit our website at www.BigBearCountryStore.co , to receive your guaranteed treat to enhance your family’s financial future.




Monday, October 29, 2012

Thinking Outside the Apple Basket

Why keep the delicious fragrance of apples confined to your kitchen?  It also can be a great addition to your bath.
It was a particular pleasure to pick the green apples off the tree in the back yard this year, its limbs arching downward with the weight of the abundant fruit. A good harvest indeed! I’ve learned that picking them while still green -- with just a blush of reddish pink -- will result in the best apple pie.  But the different varieties, and the high volume rolling down conveyor belts this fall, well, your local supermarket is an apple-lover’s paradise right now.

Before you think this blog will tell you how to make a perfect apple pie using Watkins Double-Strength Vanilla, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, think again. This blog is about  the new Watkins Kids’ Juicy Sweet Apple Foaming Hand Soap.

I wish I could tell you why this is labeled a “Kids’ soap.” It was just my good luck that I discovered another great use for this amazing product. It creates the perfect shaving lather! There I was, standing in my skivvies; going through every drawer in the bathroom after all the oomph went out of my arousal can of shaving cream. Don’t you just hate that?

That’s when I noticed the Apple Foaming Soap on the sink, just egging me on to give it a try. I had my doubts. After all, I was well beyond childhood. Perhaps if I rubbed the sweet-smelling foam on my face and neck, the lather would cause my vocal chords to revert back to my pubescent state, when I sounded like that guy in the Four Seasons with the perfect falsetto, followed by an  anguishing year during which I couldn’t say a single sentence without my voice breaking. There went my singing career. At least I didn’t need to shave back then. But I digress.  

I very consciously applied the cool, white foam to my face, neck and – what-the-heck, you only live one life – my entire head to get rid of any sign of stubble. Then I took the blade, and let it glide down my face. Wow! Talk about amazing! The foam was just the right consistency needed, the perfect combination of liquid and soap that caused every single hair to stand up to be cut down without a fight. And the aroma! It immediately made me rush to the frig and slice up an apple!
Do kids still take apples to their teacher to get on her or his best side? 

Perhaps today a smart-thinking youngster might consider showing up for class with a bottle of Watkins Kids’ Juicy Sweet Apple Foaming Hand Soap, letting her know it will make her hands smell like a freshly sliced apple, or letting him know their dad uses the all-natural foaming liquid as the perfect alternative to destroying the ozone layer with an arousal can of shaving cream!

Monday, September 10, 2012


Ducks with Attitude
What can we all learn from these fuzzy little creatures?
Last week a clip was shown on the NBC "Today" show of a mother duck leading her gaggle of young ducklings across a multi-lane freeway, dodging speeding cars in a zig-zag path to the other side. The news crew gasped in disbelief as the row of tiny feather balls were tossed between lanes by strong gusts of wind from passing semis. It seemed like an impossible obsticle course that no trained professional could finish, let alone a duck attempting to lead her wee ones through it.

Yet she did, creating a national sensation. She also appeared on U-Tube, and quickly racked up thousands of hits. Watching the Today Show, I was reminded of the above photo and cover of a book published by Simple Truths, "Attitude is Everything." But  there was no mother duck this time to solve the dilemma, which was, "How in the heck are we gonna get out of this gutter?"

Then one of the nine ducklings stepped forward, took charge and scaled the cement wall. Web feet were designed to move swiftly through a pond, not surmount obstacles such as this. But success was achieved, brothers and sisters quickly following their leader. It’s the perfect image for the cover. It shows how one’s attitude impacts success, not only in life when facing challenges, but also in business when your attitude with your boss, co-workers and customers impacts your success. It's advantageous to have a sunny outlook. Doors open to optimists. They make friends, earn respect, close sales, produce loyal clients, and others want to be like them. The question is how can we do that consistently?

Simple Truths CEO Mac Anderson often asks, "Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?" Good question. If you are surrounded by co-workers who complain often, it brings you down, and can affect your mood and progress. But if you are working toward common goals with upbeat people who possess a positive attitude, you can't help but feel better and be more productive.

When Anderson was searching for an author on the subject, he turned to Vicki Hitzges, who speaks to large corporations around the globe about how to build better relationships, zap stress and conquer change. "Attitude is Everything" was her first book. It quickly became a best-seller, in which she shares her 10 secrets to developing a positive attitude, which could be reminders as well. Authors have been writing about attitude ever since Norman Vincent Peale penned his multi-million best seller, "The Power of Positive Thinking." Even though Dr. Peale died more than a decade ago, he must be somewhere smiling that the most popular of his 46 books is now one of Amazon.com's top sellers. It's also a hot hit on Kindle, of course.

Look at your own circle of friends, co-workers and associates. We all prefer positive people because it's no fun spending time with a person as chilly as an igloo. We enjoy warm, cheerful, upbeat people who believe in us, and remind us that tomorrow is ripe with possibility. We get that from Watkins folk all the time!

One of the most positive-thinking people we know is Watkins Bronze Executive Bonnie Campbell. Bonnie heads up our "Power Team." She joined Watkins because she loved the products and the discount on all her purchases just by being associated with the company. Then friends asked how they could get the same rewards. Bonnie was such an effective promoter that it didn’t take long to earn a monthly check just by telling others about the Watkins business opportunity. Today, she is one of the company's most successful women. It also helps that she resembles a Ms. America with a delightful Canadian accent, like a good will ambassador for our North American neighbors.


I had long admired people like Bonnie from afar, thinking that I was not smart enough, not well-connected enough, not familiar enough with business or sales to establish a part-time home business. In a former blog, I wrote that I was laid off from a full-time position in real estate education and well beyond my 50th birthday when I first heard about Watkins. I learned about it from an individual with a special attitude toward life. He overcame many obstacles in his way, including life-threatening illness, by changing his way of thinking. I was very impressed with his "anything-is-possible" attitude. That’s why I went along with his suggestion to attend a Watkins training workshop on party-planning -- of all things -- because he thought it would provide insight about how the company operated.
It was at that Las Vegas workshop that we heard a top salesperson tell his Watkins story. Ed Williams seems oblivious to his impact on people. Here was a soft-spoken gentleman, who sounded like the elderly professor in the Hallmark commercial surprised when presented with a card by a former student, so influenced by his love of teaching that she decided to become a teacher herself.

Ed Williams has it. Alan Lukes has it. That’s one of the reasons Alan is my business partner, and one of the reasons we are among Watkins "All Stars," with a growing team of Watkins Consultants, and a successful sales record that also continues to grow every month.
"Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength."   Charles Spurgeon 
For years I was side-tracked by anxiety, worry and self-doubt. Sure. I still get the wind knocked out of my sales (pun intended), like the first time I followed up on a Watkins business lead, who asked me to call back at a better time, then never responded to my voice-mails. Today, I have a much-improved attitude (and probably no hint of desperation in my voice), thanks to being associated with people like Bonnie and Ed and Alan.

Recently, a woman stopped by our Watkins booth at the local farmer’s market, and said she wanted a number of Watkins products on display, but they weren’t in her budget. I explained how she could get $150 in Watkins products just by inviting some friends over for a party. She thought about it for a few seconds, then replied, "I don’t have any friends. We just moved here. The house is too small. I wouldn’t know how to approach anyone."

This woman needed a serious attitude adjustment. It took some time and convincing, something I never could have done four short years ago before my introduction to J.R. Watkins' band of merry men and women. In just two weeks, this former shy and uncertain woman will be hostess of her very first Watkins"Kick Off to Fall Good-tastings Party." She's gonna be great! 

I bet you could come up with a list of people just looking for a reason to get together and party this fall. Give "Anything is Possible" Alan a call at 888-881-7372. Or myself, "Don't Let a Closed Mind be Your Biggest Enemy" David at 888-424-5211. We're both getting quite good at spotting the makings of a fellow All-Star! 




This uncertain economy has created numerous individuals, who have taken a step backward in what they thought was the right direction for their career. Others are floudering, afraid of making any decision about the future, fearing it might be a wrong one. Even going so far as saying, "I think I'll just stay home on November 2nd, and wait for the outcome of the election to see what happens." That's like turning your car over to a stranger because you haven't figured out how to use your smart phone's GPS feature.
And then there are some feathered friends-to-be out there just itching to find something that has proven to work year-after-year, through tough economic times as well as good. Imagine the rewards that could come by showing fellow grounded friends and family members how to fly to a better climate.

Well, we just happen to have such a proven course that can show the way. It bears repeating. Please call Alan at 888-881-7372. Or David at 888-424-5211. Our biggest reward doesn't come from the additional residual income we receive every month. But from those days when we see old attitudes begin to change, watch as a new Watkins Consultant receives a pair a wings, and then begins to show others how to fly.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Sales Trends
Natural is in this year, along with dips, BBQ sauce, and who bought up all that potato salad mix?

It’s been another one of those hectic months here in Big Bear Lake, California. While the rest of the nation has been hammered with an assortment of weather calamities, we continue to enjoy mild 70-to-78-degree daytime temperatures, combined with cool breezes off the lake, and an occasional afternoon summer shower. Somehow, it’s difficult to convince family that life is a challenge here at 7,000 feet above sea level!
The challenge comes because of the lingering sluggish economy. Our vacation rental business has suffered, since there are a limited number of families with enough disposable income for a summer vacation this year. Therefore, we are fortunate that people continue to buy Watkins products.

In fact, they are buying in big numbers, thanks to the power of Internet marketing and advertising. Even though we hear that 100s of websites are cropping up every day, the number of our new Watkins customers continues to grow. Just recently, a customer from Washington state ordered 12 jars of Watkins Ultra-rich Hand Cream (our top selling product last year; yes, even more than WatkinsOriginal Double-Strength Vanilla). Yet another big sale came from a gentleman back east, who ordered a gallon of the Watkins vanilla. Perhaps he is a baker or food industry professional involved in volume food production.
Big Bear locals have come to view our Watkins booth as a constant fixture at the weekly Big Bear farmer’s market, producing a steady flow of customers every Tuesday. But sales slow toward the end of the month, then pick up at the start of the following month as payroll, pension and Social Security checks arrives in the mail. Even though we accept credit cards, farmer’s marketeers -- as we like to call them --tend to be a cash-and-carry bunch. What are they buying? Dips are big, particularly the cool Cucumber Dill, but closely followed by those Blazin’ Cajun fans. We have had so many requests for the Manderan Orange Dip Mix, that we are encouraging disgruntled locals to begin a call-and-write-in campaign to bring it back next summer.  Our fruit salads haven’t been the same without it. The BBQ sauce, of course, is always a big seller. And we all know that the Potato Salad Seasoning has already sold out, with a full month of summer still ahead. Let’s hope they produce next year to make it all the way to Labor Day.
Watkins food and spices continue to be our top sellers, and it’s usually those we can let customers taste that end up in their shopping bags. Pointing out the reduction in sodium, or the lack of harmful preservatives helps customers realize the benefits that come with Watkins’ continuing drive toward natural products.  We also have seen a growing interest in the all natural body care and home care product lines. People have to eat, and use shampoo, and home cleaning products. Isn’t it great when they starting thinking about leading a healthier life style as well as recycling their trash?

It’s also great to see some of our new associates moving up the ranks to bronze status in the last month. Sandra McLaughlin of Hesperia is already building her own team, and finds that selling the Watkins story in a “natural” after struggling to maintain sales in another MLM endeavor more intent on recruiting than selling its product line. Estelle Green of Lithonia, Georgia, fired up after attending the annual Watkins leadership conference in Las Vegas in April, is lining up a string of public events that will take her through the state of Texas, where family and friends are eager to support her in her new business.

Yes, it’s a challenge to make a buck these days, but when you have a solid company behind you, with a track record of delivering quality products for nearly a century and a half, well, we can all feel that we are on the right track for something even bigger and better down the road.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Are You a "Boomer?"

Do You Want to March to the Beat of your own Drum?

Before the Fuller Brush man and Mary Kay, there was the Watkins door-to-door salesman.

Sounds sexist, I know. But back then, women just didn't just take the reins of a horse-drawn wagon carrying a heavy load of products to distant farms in rural Minnesota where the J.R. Watkins company is still based today.

J.R. was in tune with his market by offering door-to-door service to homesteads far from the Winona general store, as well as offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on his patented pain liniment “trial-mark” bottle.

Today, the company continues to utilize nostalgia to retain multi-generational customers, but now also appeals to today's health-minded young adults by promoting its long-time goal -- producing products with the most natural ingredients possible.

I will turn 65 in September. Ever since I was old enough to have a credit card, I have been bombarded by advertising messages from companies attempting to sell me numerous products aimed at the baby boomer population. Now, as we boomers approach retirement, we are the marketing focus for supplemental insurance companies, financial planners and related industries.

We boomers are excellent candidates for direct sales teams. We have a strong work ethic, drilled into us by our parents who survived the Great Depression. They taught us that if we worked hard enough to become the best that we could be, we would succeed.

We have discovered, however, there are many things beyond our control. The real estate market crash, the Wall Street mess and the bank debacle eroded many anticipated pensions, 401Ks and retirement savings plans. Therefore, many boomers are in search of other ways to supplement monthly Social Security checks, when the future of even that cornerstone of US financial stability is being debated in Washington. In other words, we baby-boomers want to regain control of our financial future, rather than leaving it up to the political party in control of the House and Senate.

I spent the first 35 years of my career in university advancement and publications management, collecting a steady paycheck from such institutions as the University of Arizona, San Diego State University, United Way and the City of Hope National Medical Center. But a work injury forced me into another field where I wouldn't spend all day pounding on a computer. When I mentioned to my rehabilitation counselor I had been investing in Southern California real estate for nearly a decade, she suggested a private business school, where I could prepare for the state real estate license exam, and begin a new career.

After passing the exam, I was offered a position as an academic advisor to help others prepare for the same exam. Again, that steady paycheck was too enticing to pass up. Enrollment was booming at the school as hundreds of new college graduates and bored housewives with grown children figured they could become millionaires by passing the state exam.

As quickly as the real estate market exploded, it fizzled just as rapidly when properties became so over-inflated that only a few buyers could qualify for a mortgage on a small condo, let alone the home of their dreams. School enrollment plummeted, and the administration – concerned with its own bottom line – slashed staff to keep its doors open.

Fortunately, I was friends with Alan Lukes, whose career path had taken a different direction. He had the experience of running his own business in Big Bear, plus several years as a leading Tupperware salesman. As Alan was approaching 50, however, he decided to settle down, obtain a certified rehabilitation counselor license, and take a steady position at a local social service agency.

However, the agency was dependant on the state Department of Social Services for funding. The position was extremely rewarding for Alan, who helped countless individuals and families during his first five years with the organization. But property tax revenue dropped dramatically during 2008 and 2009 as California home values plunged 50% during the two-year period. All state-funded agencies had to make drastic cuts in operational budgets. And Alan soon found himself on unemployment.

Being a transplant from a Chicago suburb, Alan remembered his mom purchasing an assortment of products from a door-to-door salesman associated with a company called Watkins. He also had become quite a computer guru with his own web site long before it became fashionable. Alan assumed today's Watkins sales force had traded in their door-to-door sales routes for their own websites.

Alan was right. In fact, the Watkins main website states that now is an ideal time for anyone who grew up with these products, and is considering a part-time business as they wind down a long career, to become a Watkins Associate. Alan clicked on the link for more information. A few days later, he was called by a pleasant-sounding woman in Southern Florida. Today, Tracey Palmer is our direct upline manager, who helped us achieve Watkins “manager” status in a few short months.

Now in our fourth year as managers of our online “Big Bear Country Store,” our initial 25% sales commission has grown to nearly 40%. We are helping a number of our associates make that transition from a steady pay check to the sometimes scary world of private enterprise.

We believe our success is due to finding the perfect company for baby-boomers. Just looking at those classic Watkins labels has many of us nostalgic for those “good ol’ days” when product quality and outstanding customer service made that trip to the corner grocery a highlight of the week. 

In January 2012, we launched a marketing program to spread awareness of our Big Bear Country Store website. As a result, online sales have doubled, and new associates from across the country have been drawn by our “country store” philosophy. With customers from coast to coast and throughout Canada, we are transitioning to an expanded domain name, the "All Natural Country Store." It brings attention to Watkins’ continuing effort to reformulate its traditional products so even more can be classified as "J.R. Watkins Naturals."

I know blog postings aren’t to go on this long, but Watkins has helped us realize that it is possible to reinvent oneself long after passing that “5-0” milestone, or even the big “6-0” number! I’m able to use my degrees in journalism and communications in a way I never envisioned when I sat through those graduation ceremonies many moons ago. Alan has found his counseling abilities can help even more individuals overcome obstacles – sometimes their own self doubts about taking a new path at a “certain” age – to gain greater self-confidence in their own abilities.

Some of our new Associates are boomers about to retire, or had their hours reduced or jobs eliminated in this economy. Some are new moms, who prefer to work from home rather than turn the rearing of their pre-school children over to a nanny. Some are young men perfectly happy to be stay-at-home dads because mom is on the fast-track to management with her full-time employer. Direct-marketing is perfect for these non-traditional families, as well as us aging boomers!

If you consider yourself non-traditional, but have a love of the Watkins quality tradition handed down from generation-to-generation for nearly 145 years, perhaps this is the road less traveled meant for you. March to your own drum beat. Set your own pace. Become your own boss. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Just call our toll-free All Natural Country Store phone number, 888-881-7372. We can assist you through some of those barriers that are blocking your path to a fulfilling future. 

David Gurzenski

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Conservative’s Guide to Becoming a Risk Taker

As Nancy Reagan might have said, “Just Do It.” But we offer a money-back guarantee! So, what’s the risk in that?

I turn 65 in less than four months.  Any regrets?  Yes.  I only became a risk taker four years ago.  And I was forced into it.  After four decades of a "safe" career, answering to a boss and collecting a steady paycheck, I found myself unemployed.  Scary?  You bet.
But I was very fortunate.  Someone much braver than myself, but a person I trusted very much, suggested I join him in launching a home-based business – in the middle of the recession!  It was so very much against all the principles I had been taught in those many economics and business courses.  But where did that undergraduate  and advanced degree -- plus 35 years of continued management experience -- get me? Well, a pink slip because I was overqualified and overpaid for a position that could be assumed by a college graduate willing to accept minimum wage just for the experience needed to build a resume.
Now, four years later, my only regret is that I didn’t get that “push” much sooner. Today, our Watkins home-based business is thriving, thanks to the Watkins name – a household word known for quality by some three generations – and the Internet, the perfect medium for my generation of baby-boomers intent on staying in touch with our children and grandchildren, who were playing online games at the same time they were mastering their multiplication tables. Besides, the bugs are out of online shopping, so why not save all that gas and frustration fighting the mall crowds on busy weekends?

Not only was the Watkins company founded on a pain liniment, of all things, (oh, that aching back from arthritis, bursitis, a bad mattress – you name it, I have it), but they offer four product lines, all of them reformulated over the last 100 years to be considered 95% all-natural or better. In addition, some 350 products are extremely cost-competitive with many of the household brands Americans have been blindly grabbing off grocery and drug store shelves for years, without even reading the labels showing the harmful chemicals they were drinking, rubbing on their bodies, or using to clean their homes.

Enough of preaching to the choir. Many of you are already sold on the all-natural concept, or you wouldn’t have clicked on a link that took you to the Watkins All Natural Country Store. I know you will love the products. That’s a given. But if you are unemployed, under-employed, wanting some type of part-time income in this economy to pay bills, or just would like to save 25% off the all-natural Watkins products you purchase through this site, consider investing the $39.95 in yourself, before you are approaching 65 and sorry you waited so long to become a risk taker!

Actually, there’s not much a risk in this venture. Your Watkins Associate membership, just like every product you buy, comes with a 30-day, no-risk guarantee that you will be completely satisfied, or your $39.95 purchase price will be fully refunded. That’s why J.R. Watkins has been around for some 144 years. It’s the only direct-marketing company that can make such a claim.

Not much of a risk, but so much to gain. Call Alan at 888-881-7372, or David at 888-424-5211, the co-managers of the Watkins All Natural Country Store. Either one of us can answer any questions you have about how you can use this proven formula to start your own all-natural home-based business.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

From Face to Feet, Watkins Has You Covered

You Can Look and Feel Your Best this Month

With our Online Special Bargains

First of all, let’s get something straight. Just because we’re guys doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about Watkins super body care products. We, too, have to be concerned about those "laugh" lines that appear at the corners of our eyes, and those "frown" lines that can start forming between the eyebrows after hours of countless, difficult, smart phone games!

After all, we are no spring chickens. One of the Big Bear Country Store managers just celebrated his 57th birthday, the other one is speeding toward his 65th birthday bash (the daughters and grandsons better not forget this milestone)! Thank goodness there is big savings on Watkins Day and Night Face Care products this month.

Both of these 100% natural, age-erasing formulas are on sale. Normally, $15.99, add either one to your online shopping cart for just $13.99.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Major Study Finds More
Dangers in Many Home Care Products

Watkins All-Natural Home Care Products are a Safe Alternative to chemicals that are dangerous to you, your family and the environment.

What's lurking in your household products? According to a recent study of more than 200 cleaning and personal care products, researchers have discovered estrogen-mimicking chemicals that can cause hormone disruption.

“These endocrine disruptors may disturb the way hormones work by mimicking estrogen, androgen or thyroid hormones, thereby stimulating or blocking production of these hormones when absorbed into the body,” according to Robin Dodson, a researcher at the Silent Spring Institute, who led the study. "This is the first large, peer-reviewed study that looked at hormone-disrupting and asthma-related chemicals in a wide range of consumer products," said Dodson. The results were published in a recent issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

Some industry groups, such as the American Cleaning Institute, have raise issues with such reports, stating that they just “alarm consumers unnecessarily. " The study's authors, however, argue that they aren't instilling fear but raising awareness. “Something as simple as better labeling on products allow consumers to be more informed and make their own decisions,” believes Dodson.
J.R. Watkins is a shining example of such a practice. Way back in 2009, J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care product line received certification from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Designed for the Environment (DfE) program. Products meeting the DfE’s high standards are granted approval to display the seal on packaging. The DfE seal ensures consumers that cleaning products displaying the seal have been formulated using the safest ingredients for human and environmental health. By working closely with cleaning product manufactures, the DfE has diverted the use of more than a billion pounds of harmful “chemicals of concern.” in the last five years. Look for the DfE seal on J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care packaging.

Why are natural home care products important?

• Cleaning products are released into the environment inside your home and down the drain to the outdoors.

• 37% of Americans suffer from chemical sensitivities, skin rashes and allergies, many of them provoked by chemicals in cleaning products.

• Reactions can include; eyes watering, breakouts, skin rashes, coughing or sneezing uncontrollably.

• Asthma is the leading cause of emergency room visits and absenteeism in schools.

• Children breathe faster in proportion to their body weight than adults, making them more vulnerable to chemical exposure.

• Warm baths and showers open pores so that what we have cleaned with is more readily absorbed.

Clean out those harmful chemicals lurking in products under your kitchen and bathroom sink

For further information about all of Watkins All Natural Cleaning Products and how to order them in time for your spring cleaning ritual, click on the following link. It will take you into that section on the online catalog: