Welcome to our blog...

Welcome to our blog...

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Watkins-Kemps Connection
These two companies combine their quest for quality into some great holiday products.

We all know the JR Watkins Company has been producing quality products since 1868. But we folks on the West coast in Big Bear, California -- where our All Natural Company Store is located -- are not that familiar with Kemps. That’s because the company is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. It operates five manufacturing facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Since 1914, Kemps has been distributing its dairy products throughout the upper Midwest. From its beginnings as a small creamery in Southeastern Minnesota, Kemps has extended its roots to include the manufacture and marketing of fresh milk, premium ice cream, frozen yogurt and other quality products.
It was only natural (pun intended) that Watkins and Kemps would come together to create a number of specialized products. It is during the holidays that consumers throughout the Midwest are able to find Kemps dairy products on their market shelves enriched with Watkins spices and extracts. Those of us here in California can only imagine the zip that Watkins Pumpkin Spice, Mint, Vanilla and Cinnamon add to Kemps ice cream, egg nog and yogurt.

But leave it to some of us clever kitchen chefs to come up with our own recipes that combine Watkins with other dairy product companies found on the West coast. No matter how you mix them, Watkins spices and extracts are filling homes across the country with holiday treats that are becoming family traditions.  

Friday, December 5, 2014

So Much to be Thankful For
There are many blessings in our lives, including our successful home business.

As we gathered around of Thanksgiving table a few days ago, each one of us was asked what they recalled as being among the things they were most thankful for during the last year. Topping the list, of course, were family and friends, even the pooch waiting for any left-overs from the big feast we were enjoying. Must not forget our cat, who has come to expect to get her share of treats as well. Yes, there were many things to remember as we said thanks.
It wasn’t until I returned to my computer after the holiday that something else popped into my head – our Watkins home business that has grown substantially during the last year. I mentioned before how it was launched back in 2009 in the midst of the recession when my full-time position at a private business school was eliminated because of a decline in enrollment. Those first few years required a lot of work, building an inventory of Watkins products, putting out money for such essentials as tables and a tent for farmers markets and street fairs. Then we developed a website and started to use social media to attract more customers. This outreach also led to locating others who were also interested in starting their own Watkins businesses. In the last year, we have doubled the number of consultants who have joined what we have dubbed the Watkins Power Team. Already some of these consultants have started to grow their own teams.
We are truly grateful for this growth that has come our way. We never take it for granted. As Watkins managers, we continually offer guidance to our new consultants, and they have come to appreciate our sage advice. What about you? As this year draws to a close, perhaps you have started to think about your New Year’s resolutions for 2015. Sure, the economy has improved dramatically in the last few years. But every family could use a little bit more income to make ends meet. Right now, you can explore the possibilities of beginning your own home-based business by going to our website: www.AllNaturalCountryStore.net. Here you will learn more about our background, but more importantly, be able to request further information about the Watkins business opportunity, a copy of the company’s catalog with more than 250 all natural gourmet foods, body care, home care and apothecary products. You can also receive emails announcing monthly discounts on key products.  

If you would just like information on the business opportunity, you can go to our website: www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/383372

After exploring the website and submitting your request, may also may want to talk to a manager of our Watkins All Natural Country Store. Just call 888-881-7372. We can answer any questions you have about this amazing 146-year-old company.