Welcome to our blog...

Welcome to our blog...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Help Wanted

Could you sell an ice cube to an Eskimo?  Are you part of a couple who has been looking for a home based business to work together?  Then we want you whether you are a single person looking for work or a couple looking for a career change. 

Watkins is an incredible company to work for.  It's a family owned business that has been around since 1868!  Our products are top quality and those who know our products will immediately claim its superiority over store bought brands?  Those unfamiliar with the brand will become an instant fans.

We have an limited number of spaces available, as we can only work with so many people at once.  There is a minimal investment to start.  Your initial fee is $39.95 + tax.  Then you can choose any one, or all, of the three Upgrade Packages that are priced $69.95 + tax for our beginners' kit, $129.00 for a  $200.00 Gift Certificate, or our Watkinize Your Home Kit for $349.00 + tax.  This WYH kit has the extra feature of a free website setup ($64.95 Value) plus three months of free webhosting ($59.85 Value); after which there is a $19.95 per month webhosting fee.  It also has a $100 bonus feature.

We offer a free $20 Gift Certificate for just signing up.   If you purchase the Watkinize Your Home Kit we will add an additional $20 Gift Certificate.

You can read a lot more about the features our organization by going to http://bigbearcountrystore.com and click on "Join Us" then click on "As an Associate".  There is a whole page that clearly spells out the Watkins Opportunity.

We would love working with you as we are proud Managers our own Watkin Team... the Big Bear Country Store Power Team.

Or call us at 888-881-7372.