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Welcome to our blog...

Monday, September 12, 2011

It’s Harvest Time at the

Big Bear Country Store

We’re stocking our shelves with everything you’ll need for holiday baking, entertaining & gift-giving.

It’s beginning to feel like fall when we pitch our travelling Big Bear Country Store tent at the Big Bear Farmer’s Market this month.  Those brisk temperatures have led Farmer’s Market organizers to close for the season at the end of September, meaning there are just a few Tuesdays left for locals and mountain visitors to sample some of our fall favorites.

And what a harvest Watkins has reaped this year! In addition to the favorites from previous years like the Pumpkin Butter, there’s Apple-Cranberry Butter, rich Baked Potato Soup, plus Black Walnut, Hazelnut and Irish Cream baking extracts.  

We don’t sell fruits and vegetables just harvested from local fields like the other vendors at our Farmer’s Market. However, your dinner guests will think you harvested many of the baking ingredients yourself!

The Big Bear Country Store is Just a Click Away

Once we fold up our tent for the last time at the Big Bear Farmer’s Market this season, you can still order all 17 seasonal favorites.  All you have to do is click on the “Gifts” link in the directory at left, and then “2011 Seasonal Favorites.” Order these now before you find Watkins is out of stock of the most popular items by October, and you have to wait for the jars and packages to start rolling off the production line again.

If you can’t think of a thing to bring the host and/or hostess of that autumn harvest party you’ve been invited to, you can’t go wrong with the Watkins Gold Medal Sampler. Packed in a handsome box, it features the award-winning Watkins vanilla, black pepper and cinnamon, and is priced at only $15.95

You don’t have to be a trained chef to take advantage of the many holiday extracts now available in larger 8 oz. baker bottles. Click on the Recipes link at left and you will find many of your holiday favorite cookies, cakes and breads. The recipes are available in a printer-friendly format, and easy to follow.

Even the most critical mother-in-law will be asking for your recipe. Imagine the smells of Watkins award-winning cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg filling your kitchen right now.

With all of us pinching pennies during this recession, you may be wondering how you can stretch your gift-giving dollars during the coming holiday season. Consider joining the Big Bear Country Store Wholesale Shopping Club. For the low price of just $39.95, you will be able to purchase all 350+Watkins products at 25% off the retail price. And to get you started, we’ll throw in a $25 Watkins gift certificate when you sign up for your membership through this site.

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