Welcome to our blog...

Welcome to our blog...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Power Team Approaches 100 Consultants
What is driving our numbers higher? It’s more than just the low $19.95 Watkins membership fee.

Through the months of August and September, Watkins has cut the normal $39.95 fee to join in half. Certainly, this has helped encourage others to take advantage of the Watkins business opportunity, considered one of the country’s best at-home, part-time ventures by Entrepreneur Magazine.   But we credit the rise in our numbers to much more.
The very idea of our All Natural Country Store is built on the long-established reputation established by the Watkins Company for producing high quality, natural products during its nearly a century and a half of existence. Couple that with the company’s efforts to continually reformulate its products to be the best on the market, at a reasonable price. That’s why we built our website around the look of an old-time country store that offers natural products to the public.
We also offer our new consultants some benefits not given by other managers. That website provides an area known as the Consultant’s Corner that is restricted to those who have joined our team. In addition, we created a Facebook private group where members of what we dubbed the Watkins Power Team can exchange ideas, seek advice and report successful endeavors that have helped build their business.

Because of these resources, plus the low membership fee, some of the members of the Power Team have started to build their own team of consultants, who further add to the monthly income of their sponsor. If you wish to know more about Watkins and the advantages of joining our team while the discounted membership continues through the rest of September, give us a call at 888-881-7272.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Join our Watkins Power Team for Just $19.95
We thought the Membership Discount came to an end in August, but Watkins decided to extend  its half-price offer another month.

Let’s face it. Start-up fees have kept you from launching your own part-time, home-based business.  Then along comes an opportunity to try your wings for just $19.95. How can you not give it a try? After all, this special offer is 100% guaranteed. If you feel it’s not for you within 30 days, just let the managers of the All Natural Country Store know, and we will get your money refunded.
Why should you become involved in a solid company nearly a century and a half old? This All American enterprise has built a solid reputation of producing quality, natural products. These are various gourmet foods, body care, home care and apothecary products that people buy every day from their grocery or drug store. Many of them contain ingredients that are not good for your family or the environment. Can you imagine becoming part of the all-natural movement, and helping the environment at the same time? The fact that you are selling real products and not just recruiting associates under you means this is not a pyramid scheme.
You can sell these products to associates and friends at the retail price while you purchase these products at a discount, and through proper planning, get them delivered to your front door with no shipping costs to you. No need to carry a large inventory unless you want to set up a display of Watkins products for sale at public events. More and more Watkins consultants are selling products through their own Watkins websites. You can receive a discount on every product based on the volume of your sales every month.
Want to learn more about this special opportunity? Check out the following link. http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/383372. Just spend a few minutes exploring  the Watkins Business Opportunity. It will be time well spent.