Welcome to our blog...

Welcome to our blog...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

“But I’m terrible at selling anything!”
You don’t need to be a salesperson to become associated with the All Natural County Store. Join our Wholesale Shopping Club instead.

Those early Watkins salespeople really knew how to set up a display of products.

When I was a boy, I was a terrible salesperson. I remember attempting to sell magazine subscriptions door-to-door in order to make some spending money. What a failure that was. All during my professional career, I had full-time positions that provided a nice steady income, and didn’t require any selling whatsoever.
The last time I had a 9-to-5 job, I taught real estate and property management at a private school in Orange County. But when the real estate crash happened, so did the number of students needing professionals to help them prepare for the California Real Estate Exam. Therefore, my position was eliminated.
Then along came Alan Lukes, who was looking for a partner to help him develop a business associated with an established, 140-year-old company called Watkins. Yes, it involved selling, but Alan promised he would handle the training of a sales force, while my expertise as a writer, editor and marketing specialist would be put to good use.
That was five years ago. Today we have some 50 consultants who sell Watkins products through our business name, the All Natural Country Store. That takes us back to your declaration – “I can’t sell a darn thing!”
But we’re sure you like to save money. For the low membership fee of $40, you can join our store’s Wholesale Shopping Club, and receive 25% off the retail price on more than 250 Watkins products. In fact, think of the membership as costing you just $20, since we give you a $20 gift certificate just for joining the club, which you can use for the products of your choosing. What a deal is that?!

Still skeptical? Call the All Natural Country Store and ask for a catalog. We’ll mail it off to you with a brochure that provides further details about our Wholesale Shopping Club. You can also place a request for a catalog by emailing us at WatkinsProducts@charter.net.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Are you looking for a Watkins Consultant in your area?
As the All Natural Country Store’s team of sales representatives grows, so does the chance that we have a Watkins Consultant living near you.
It’s becoming more frequent that our 888-881-7372 phone line rings, and we are asked if we might have a Watkins representative living near the caller’s home town. We can quickly scan our database of consultants (yes, the store has gone high tech), and let the person know if we have a representative living near them.
In fact, we even have another website that provides such a list. To find out if one of our 50 consultants lives in your area, simply click on the following link:
We do point out to callers that most of our consultants do not maintain a large inventory of products in their home. Even if they might have the items you need, they would probably have to charge you a service fee to drive the products to your front door. We also remind callers we take orders over the phone six days a week (even God rested on the seventh day when making the world).  The managers of the All Natural Country Store have been running their Watkins business for some five years. It has grown into a full-time operation. Daily, we are on the phone, taking orders from people across the United States and Canada. Since all Watkins products are produced and distributed out of Winona, Minn., it takes just as long for an order to reach you if you buy through a local representative, or place your order through us.
If you check our list of consultants through the above link and don’t find a consultant near you, just call our toll-free 888-881-7272 number, and we’ll be glad to place your order the same day. Since we also place orders on a daily basis, we have gotten to know the Watkins customer service representatives on a first name basis. We can easily give them a call to get a status report about your order.

Just as J.R. Watkins provided personal service to all of his customers back in 1868, we try to offer that same level of customer care to everyone, no matter what state or province you live.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Don’t Call Them Resolutions. Call them goals!
So many New Year’s resolutions are quickly forgotten by the end of January. This year, resolve that won’t happen to you.
You were so intent to start 2014 becoming a better person. No more junk food. Early to bed, early to rise. That gym bag would come out of the back of your closet. And the one that seems to be on many of those New Year’s Resolution lists – establishing a home-based business.
There are many excuses people have in not getting around to that one. We’ve heard them all. But this year should be different. The economy is improving. People are beginning to have greater confidence. Companies are actually beginning to hire again. 
If you are gainfully employed, more power to you. That’s not to say those steady raises you enjoyed in the past will start up again. No telling when that benefits program will be re-established -- all the more reason to look into additional opportunities in the New Year. About five years ago, when the economy was deep in a recession, my business partner and I heard those words. “The company is down-sizing.” We had no choice but to look for other ways to earn an income.
I grew up on the West coast, so I had no knowledge of a company by the name of Watkins. Alan – my partner – grew up with an assortment of Watkins products in his home, from gourmet foods and spices, to body care and home care. At that time, the majority of Watkins sales were made through door-to-door salesman.  But in 2009, there was a growing movement toward online sales. So Alan did an Internet search for Watkins, and quickly learned that the company still offered a business opportunity for individuals like us interested in finding a national organization intent on expanding its sales force.
Alan was assigned a manager based in Florida, who has established her own home-based business several years earlier. Tracey was quick to tell us that Watkins was ranked as one of the nation’s top-ranked home-based business opportunities by Entrepreneur Magazine.  Tracey had a number of consultants under her, whom she had helped through the process of becoming associated with Watkins.
Fast-forward five years; today, we are managers ourselves with a team of some 50 Watkins consultants under us. Our team continues to compile more than $2,000 every month, solidifying our managerial status with the company. It took time to build our team. But it all started with a minimal investment of only $39.95.
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. If we had quit in the first six months because sales weren't rolling in, we never would have realized the success that we have achieved in Watkins. Who knew that only $39.95 would begin such a satisfying business based on providing customers with the finest in all-natural products!

Now it’s your turn. Just we made contact with Tracey, we hope that you will give us a call at 888-881-7372 to get the ball rolling. That’s all it takes to make that first step to establishing your own home-based business. What satisfaction you will realize when you can finally check off that goal for 2014. Make it a great year starting today.