Welcome to our blog...

Welcome to our blog...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Scents of the Season
These hand soaps were created just for the holidays.  Get all three scents before they run out of stock. 
When Watkins releases a new product with the disclaimer “Limited Supplies Available,” they mean it. Topping the list of new products this holiday season are the Holiday Hand Soaps. Brighten your holiday season with the nostalgic fragrances of White Pine, Spiced Gum Drop and Sugar Cookies in Watkins Hand Soaps. These fragrances from winters past are presented in handsome glass bottles with an elegant label design sure to inspire the holiday spirit in every home.

Knowing that you will want to give these to the loved ones on your list, Watkins is offering a special price when you purchase a case containing four of the same fragrance. You receive four 16 fl oz hand soaps for $26.97—that's a savings of $8.99! These will display beautifully on your counter-tops, make the perfect host gift, teacher's gift, and everyone else on your gift-giving list.
These limited edition Holiday Hand Soaps will go fast, so be sure and order yours today! This special offer applies to the purchase of four bottles of the same fragrance. In other words, no mix or match. So buy one case of each scent. Certainly you have 12 friends on your list, who would be delighted with this gift.

To order these gifts today, go to www.AllNaturalCountryStore. Click on “Shop With Us,’’ then “Home Care” and then “Bath.” There you will find the product listed.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Hostess With the Mostest

You can usually spot them in your circle of friends. They are the type of individual, who attracts people without even making an effort to do so.

It was a few weeks ago that a good friend of ours hosted her first Watkins party. It was a tremendous success. She went well beyond what is expected in a hostess. We only ask a hostess to open her home to friends, and then email them invitations to attend. Making follow-up calls the day before the event is also helpful to assure a good attendance.

Carol explains a little bit about her interest in Watkins.
Carol has many interests, and each one seems to have a club or organization that attracts individuals, who have the same interest. Carol lost her husband a few years ago, and after the grieving subsided, she decided that life is not about mourning the past, but rather looking forward to the road ahead of you. As Sarah Ban Breathnach phrased it so eloquently, “When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives, but are grateful for the abundance that is present, we experience heaven on earth.”

With such a philosophy of life, it’s no wonder that Carol has built up a large circle of close friends, the type who support you in every endeavor you attempt to do. We became acquainted with Carol when she stopped by our Watkins booth that we stage every Tuesday throughout the spring and summer. Carol tasted a few of our food samples, and quickly became a regular customer. Carol is active in her church here in Big Bear.  One of her regular volunteer projects is collecting donations for the annual church auction. When the annual event rolled around a few years ago, Carol asked us if we would like to donate a basket of Watkins products. We did so to support Carol. Because of her love of Watkins products, Carol kept bidding up the price of the basket. She finally put in a bid that no one could touch.

Because of our support of her church, Carol asked us one day how she could return the favor. Eventually, we hit upon the idea of hosting a Watkins party. She jumped at the idea, knowing that she wanted to spread the word about Watkins to a number of her friends. Not only did she invite them to her home, she printed out professional-looking name tags, and brought in additional tables and chairs for guests when 95% of the people she invited accepted her invitation. It was her decision to even serve up an impressive brunch. We were in attendance to offer up samples of some of our food products, and explain the benefits of the body care, home care and apothecary lines Watkins produces.

When it came time to write up the orders, nearly everyone of the guests decided to buy several of the products. We were overwhelmed by the result. Some $1,000 in products was ordered by 27 of the 31 in attendance. Carol was surprised as well, but gave us the credit for our presentation. We knew better. Hostesses receive 30% of all sales of $500 or more achieved at a Watkins event. Yet that wasn’t the reason Carol put so much effort into her party. That’s just the type of lady she is, and we love her for it.
Consultant Kim Briones and Watkins Manager Alan Lukes
show off Watkins products display at Carol's party.
If you live within a 50-mile radius of Big Bear, CA, and are interested in hosting a Watkins party of your own, call us at 888-881-7273 to learn more about it. We can help you every step along the way. It certainly doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the event Carol staged. If you live outside the 50-mile radius, consider hosting a catalog party to earn free Watkins products. Call us for more details.