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Welcome to our blog...

Friday, July 11, 2014

You Can Do What We Do
A special website has just been created that presents the Watkins business opportunity in a whole new light.
One of the earliest JR Watkins Country Stores

We’re sure you have been wondering whether you are cut out to establish your own online country store. We know the usual first reaction to such a suggestion. I don’t have enough money to get started. My family and friends will call it a pyramid scheme. I don’t have the time with my busy schedule and full-time position.
Relax. We aren’t asking you to jump feet first into such an endeavor. We just ask you to explore the possibilities, no strings attached. Here’s how to find out more. Just go to the website RespectedHomeBusiness.com/383372.
You will immediately be taken to this new website, created by the top Watkins executives, many of whom got started in this business thinking they were just interested in selling JR Watkins products to friends and family. Then something happened. Their inner circle started telling their friends and co-workers about the great all-natural products available through their friend, and a home business was born. Today, many of these Watkins executives have stepped out of the grinding 9-to-5 rat race, and are devoting 100% of their energies to their Watkins home business. On this site, they are sharing their trade secrets, based on many years with Watkins. Yes, in addition to selling products, these executives have built a network of consultants under them, who share their enthusiasm for the 146-year-old company brand. Many of them enjoy a six-figure income as a result.
It’s hard to imagine that a basic annual membership fee of $39.95 can get you started. Then you can begin purchasing Watkins products at wholesale – a 25% discount off the retail price. For beginners, there is the opportunity of purchasing an assortment of Watkins products at 35% off the retail price. It creates a solid foundation for your business.
We’ve gone on far too long in this blog posting. Once again, go to RespectedHomeBusiness.com/383372 to see an easy-to-navigate site that will present this opportunity in a whole new way. You’ll be glad you took a few minutes of your time to check out the site.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Land We Love
We are truly blessed with a number of freedoms in this great country.
A group of our friends were making plans for the big Fourth of July holiday when someone asked, “What does freedom mean to you?”
We looked around at each other, and finally someone said, “It’s really all summed up in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.” That may be true, but freedom means so much more to those of us who run our own home-based businesses. That’s not possible in a number of countries.
We are fortunate that the J.R. Watkins company has such a strong history in America. J. R. Watkins was a wise man. Not only did he create a company that has been around since 1868, he realized that people will most likely buy a product if they hear about it from a friend, or tasted it in their friend’s home. He also realized that rather than pay for expensive advertising and marketing, or pay a store owner a commission to sell his products, friends could tell their friends about Watkins and earn that commission themselves. America’s first direct-sales company was born.
Watkins also stood behind his products, and offered the country’s first money-back guarantee. Today, you will see a line on bottles and jars that indicate customers should use the product until the contents reach that level. If customers are not satisfied for any reason, they will be refunded their full purchase price. Just imagine how easy it is to sell products with that kind of guarantee behind them!
While Watkins searched the globe to find the most natural ingredients for his products, he never swayed from his “Made in America” belief. All Watkins products are manufactured in the company’s production facility in Winona, Minnesota. All workers are either U.S. citizens or Canadians.

The company’s greatest period of growth came in the Great Depression, when numerous Americans lost their jobs, and couldn’t find another place to work. That’s when more and more individuals realized they could go to work for themselves in selling Watkins products to friends and neighbors. Slowly, the country began the long journey to recovery. So today of all days, we salute American enterprise, and the many freedoms we all enjoy. Happy Fourth of July.