Welcome to our blog...

Welcome to our blog...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time to Clean Up for the Holidays
Before you start planning your holiday menu, there’s that chore of cleaning your house.

There’s the old adage that one must work before it’s time to play. We suppose that can be said about preparing a large holiday dinner for family and friends. Watkins has numerous outstanding products to assure your efforts will be rewarded with countless compliments.
But this time we’re referring to cleaning up your home for the holidays. Watkins has a number of all natural cleaning products to make that chore a breeze. And who said these household supplies have to be expensive? The entire line is gaining popularly, not only because of the effectiveness of the products, but because of the value they offer based on the size of their bottles.

No, Watkins doesn’t produce many of the mops, broom and brushes it did in its early years. But the All Natural Country Store has a section that offers these products produced under the well-known Fuller Brush brand. You can call 888-881-7372 to request a Watkins catalog or a Fuller Brush catalog. If you want to begin shopping today, go to www.AllNaturalCountryStore.com for Watkins products or the www.FullerBrushCountryStore.com for Fuller Brush products. If you get confused by the check-out process at either site, just call that same toll-free number, and one of the store managers will gladly be of assistance. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

We bring Watkins to You With Just a Phone Call
If you are somewhat befuddled by computers, you can always place your Watkins order by calling us at 888-881-7372.

Hey, we wish that we could make the Watkins ordering process a bit more simple. Sure, our younger customers find it simple to go to www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/gonatural and follow the prompts presented. But we know that some of our customers are grandparents or older parents, who are challenged by new technology. They were familiar with Watkins products since it was sold door-to-door, and would like to buy them again, but are baffled by the Internet. I know I have to ask co-manager of the All Natural Store Alan Lukes to show me how to do certain tasks on my computer. And even my grandsons know how to zip through new apps and programs that I know nothing about. But I digress.
For those of you who remember using a rotary dial like the one pictured here, and struggle like I do to navigate through complicated websites, here’s the easy answer to ordering your Watkins products for holiday gift-giving, thanking a hostess, or for your own kitchen. Just call us at 888-881-7372. Alan is always on standby to take your order and place it for you the same day.

That’s quite important right now during the holiday season. There is such a demand for the top-selling Watkins products that they tend to run out of stock early. We are primarily thinking of the Watkins Double Strength Vanilla, the Black Pepper and Cinnamon. We are certain these will sell out quickly now because they are all on sale. So if you are frightened by that new-fangled computer your kids spend all their time on these days, call the All Natural Country Store at 888-881-7372; we’ll be glad to help you. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tis the season for baking
Take advantage of these November discounts on Watkins baking extracts, herbs and spices.
 It’s that time of year again. Cooks across the country are scouring their kitchen cabinets to make sure they are stocked up on all the baking items they will need to prepare their special holiday recipes this year.
Just in time, the J.R. Watkins Naturals Company has cut the prices on many of its top-selling baking products. The most popular item in the long line of baking products is its Double Strength Vanilla. The 11-ounce bottle, normally $14.99, is on sale for $11.99. In fact, there is a 20% discount on all 11-ounce Watkins extracts this month.
Customers can also save on Watkins gourmet herbs and spices. All of them are marked 10% off the regular price. For example, the ever-popular Poultry Seasoning – bound to bring compliments when family and friends taste your main course – is available for $5.38. And when it comes time for dessert, you will get rave reviews if you use the Watkins Pumpkin Spice. Its price is only $4.76.
In addition to the famous Watkins Double Strength Vanilla, its international award-winning Black Pepper and Cinnamon are also reduced in price. The pepper is selling for $8.99, while the cinnamon is marked down to $7.64.

For generations, cooks have trusted Watkins when they would prepare their most special holiday meals. Why should you question such a long-standing reputation for quality? But don’t wait until it’s too late. At these prices, many of these baking products will soon be out of stock. You can place your order today by going to www.jrwatkins.com/Consultant/GoNatural. Or if you would prefer to have one of the All Natural Country Store’s managers assist you in placing your order, just call 888-881-7372.