Welcome to our blog...

Welcome to our blog...

Friday, January 29, 2016

We’re Here When You Need to Place an Order

We’re Here When You Need to Place an Order
Don’t let winter storms keep you from your favorite Watkins products.

Boy, did those of us in Big Bear, California, have a major El Niňo storm last week. Trees were toppled, snow blocked roads, and many businesses had to close after more than three feet of snow fell on our small community.
Our Watkins All Natural Store never had to close because we are an online store. We were able to sit at our computers while there was a nice blaze in the fireplace, yet help our customers across the country place their orders for Watkins products. Even with the winds blowing across the United States and Canada, products ordered through the Watkins plant in Winona, Wisconsin, usually were delivered to the front doors of customers by valiant UPS personnel in about a week.
True, we would sometimes venture out into the Big Bear community and deliver products to our local customers. Thanks to the rugged ability of our Watkins four-wheel drive Jeep, we would go where other less equipped vehicles could not go. If it wasn’t white powder, it was the black ice that would cover streets when melting snow became a dangerous hazard for drivers. 
Sometimes customers would call our 888-881-7372 number and ask if we had a representative in their area who could provide such valuable service. If the representative didn’t have the product in their inventory, we would explain how easy it is for them to assist the individual place an order online.

We encourage you to follow the same process. It’s hard to predict how long these winter storms will continue. But we are just a phone call away. Once again, our number is 888-881-7372.

Monday, January 4, 2016

El Niño interrupts the normal delivery of Watkins products
As some of you may know, the All Natural Country Store makes home deliveries to customers living in our home base of Big Bear Lake, CA, as well as our bedroom communities of Irwin Lake, Sugarloaf and Whispering Forest. But for our customers across the country and Canada, UPS is the dependable carrier that will deliver Watkins products to your front door.
The employees of this professional organization seem to perform miracles, getting an order from the Watkins production plant in Winona, Minnesota, to its destination point in about a week. But this year has been an exception because of El Niño, the vicious storm front that has moved across the country, flooding entire communities, destroying homes, over-turning vehicles, and – yes – even killing individuals. The last thing the affected families are worried about is the timely delivery of their Watkins orders.
The other factor that has impacted our weather has been global warming. While some actually deny the phenomenon exists, Southern California has seen temperatures in the teens, while northeast citizens are jogging in Central Park. This weather has impacted the outdoor public events of the country store’s sales representatives. We managers of the store have suggested to our representatives that they plan ahead by stocking up on the most popular Watkins products. They also receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more, plus a five percent commission. The other suggestion we make is to remain in contact with their most frequent customers. Something as simple as a phone call can go a long way.

Of course, we like it when our customers call us. Just dial 888-881-7372, and we can place your phone order the same day.