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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Conservative’s Guide to Becoming a Risk Taker

As Nancy Reagan might have said, “Just Do It.” But we offer a money-back guarantee! So, what’s the risk in that?

I turn 65 in less than four months.  Any regrets?  Yes.  I only became a risk taker four years ago.  And I was forced into it.  After four decades of a "safe" career, answering to a boss and collecting a steady paycheck, I found myself unemployed.  Scary?  You bet.
But I was very fortunate.  Someone much braver than myself, but a person I trusted very much, suggested I join him in launching a home-based business – in the middle of the recession!  It was so very much against all the principles I had been taught in those many economics and business courses.  But where did that undergraduate  and advanced degree -- plus 35 years of continued management experience -- get me? Well, a pink slip because I was overqualified and overpaid for a position that could be assumed by a college graduate willing to accept minimum wage just for the experience needed to build a resume.
Now, four years later, my only regret is that I didn’t get that “push” much sooner. Today, our Watkins home-based business is thriving, thanks to the Watkins name – a household word known for quality by some three generations – and the Internet, the perfect medium for my generation of baby-boomers intent on staying in touch with our children and grandchildren, who were playing online games at the same time they were mastering their multiplication tables. Besides, the bugs are out of online shopping, so why not save all that gas and frustration fighting the mall crowds on busy weekends?

Not only was the Watkins company founded on a pain liniment, of all things, (oh, that aching back from arthritis, bursitis, a bad mattress – you name it, I have it), but they offer four product lines, all of them reformulated over the last 100 years to be considered 95% all-natural or better. In addition, some 350 products are extremely cost-competitive with many of the household brands Americans have been blindly grabbing off grocery and drug store shelves for years, without even reading the labels showing the harmful chemicals they were drinking, rubbing on their bodies, or using to clean their homes.

Enough of preaching to the choir. Many of you are already sold on the all-natural concept, or you wouldn’t have clicked on a link that took you to the Watkins All Natural Country Store. I know you will love the products. That’s a given. But if you are unemployed, under-employed, wanting some type of part-time income in this economy to pay bills, or just would like to save 25% off the all-natural Watkins products you purchase through this site, consider investing the $39.95 in yourself, before you are approaching 65 and sorry you waited so long to become a risk taker!

Actually, there’s not much a risk in this venture. Your Watkins Associate membership, just like every product you buy, comes with a 30-day, no-risk guarantee that you will be completely satisfied, or your $39.95 purchase price will be fully refunded. That’s why J.R. Watkins has been around for some 144 years. It’s the only direct-marketing company that can make such a claim.

Not much of a risk, but so much to gain. Call Alan at 888-881-7372, or David at 888-424-5211, the co-managers of the Watkins All Natural Country Store. Either one of us can answer any questions you have about how you can use this proven formula to start your own all-natural home-based business.

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