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Friday, July 1, 2011

Declare Your Independence!

Make this July 4th weekend

the launch of your own Watkins

home-based business

If you are anywhere within driving distance of Big Bear Lake, CA, we hope you can come up July 2 or 3 to spend the day at the Elk’s Lodge Peddler’s Market.  The Big Bear Country Store will have its Watkins booth all decorated for the holiday weekend, with some great Watkins treats to make your own 4th of July bar-be-cue extra special.  Try a number of our famous Watkins dips, from the cool and mild Cucumber Dill to the tangy Blazin’ Cajon.  And, of course, there’s our very own bar-b-cue sauce. It has a yummy, sweet, smoked taste that is bound to enhance the flavor of your hamburgers and hot dogs.

Steaks perhaps?  That’s doubtful for most of us.  We know it’s been a challenging year because of the economy.  Some of you have had your work hours reduced, or have been asked to take a pay cut.  Even worse, you may be among the nearly 12% of Californians that are unemployed. 

We’re not suggesting you walk in and tell your boss to “Take this job and shove it!” or give up looking for another job entirely.  But between mailing out those resumes and making follow-up calls, we would like you to consider starting your own part-time Watkins home business.

Did you know that the greatest period of self-employment growth in America was during the Great Depression? Some of America’s greatest family-run businesses began during the 1930’s, and are established brand names today.  Watkins was already a half-century old at the time of the depression, but because of the business opportunity it offered out-of-work Americans, its sales force grew substantially during the decade. 

Here’s why.  Watkins has the most lucrative compensation plans in direct marketing today.  It offers an array of top quality, all-natural products at prices competitive with your local grocery and drug store – products you, your friends and extended family buy every day.  Don’t you think they would rather buy those products from you to support the launch of your own business?

Call 888-881-7372 and ask us how you can get started for just $39.95.  Not a bad price for more freedom in your life!  We’ll throw in a $30 Watkins Gift Certificate if you “declare your independence” before July 5th!  You’ll also get 25% off your purchases if you sign up at the Big Bear Elk’s Lodge Peddler’s Market!