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Welcome to our blog...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Earn Your Own Income
Watkins might be the opportunity to show the man of the house you can add to your family’s income.

The majority of the members who have joined Watkins as consultants are women. Most of them are married. Although we haven’t taken a survey, we suspect that many of them wanted to earn some money of their own rather than being dependent on a husband as the only one in the family bringing in an income.
Not that anyone is going to strike it rich as a Watkins consultant. Some have after being with the organization for many years, moving up the ranks from consultant to manager and eventually to executive with hundreds of consultants under them. That’s when their part-time, home-based business becomes a full-time enterprise.
We joined Watkins in 2009, quickly advancing to manager status. Last year, we were named the third most successful management team in Watkins. We now have some 100 consultants under us, most of them women out to bring some residual income for their families. “This is a perfect business opportunity for women,” according to Alan Lukes, half of our management team. “It requires a small investment to get started – just $19.95 to join. Most women than order some products for demonstration purposes, and hold a ‘grand opening” event in their home, inviting their friends, associates and neighbors who are interested in supporting the new business.”

If this is something you might be interested in doing, call us at 888-881-7372, or email us at GoNatural@charter.net

In the alternative you can go to www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/383372

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