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Friday, September 27, 2013

Prepare for the holidays now by ordering these popular products

If previous years are any indication, many of these items quickly go on back order because of demand.

Watkins is not unlike many other companies in one respect. More products are sold during the last quarter of the year than in the first three quarters combined.

Now is the time for Consultants to take advantage of this increased buying trend by ordering a stockpile of Watkins products, some well-known favorites and other new items that show promise of flying off the shelves of Watkins Distribution Center.  Watkins Double Strength Vanilla is a given. In the first six months of 2013, this well-known staple was #1 on the list of US Top 50 Products.  You can order these products by going to www.AllNaturalCountryStore.com or call 888-881-7372.

Other popular food items are up there as well, and are sure to be used in kitchens across America and Canada as home chefs prepare some of their favorite holiday dishes and treats. The Double Strength Clear Vanilla is the sixth most popular product, and is sure to be used in recipes for white cakes, cookies and other baking creations. Don’t forget other baking staples such as the All Natural Granulated Black Pepper and the Ground Cinnamon.

When it comes to main dishes, stock up now with the Beef Soup and Gravy Base, and the Onion Soup and Gravy Base. Speaking of the onion-favored products, many of our public event customers have purchased the powder after tasting it as the base for a dip mix. Also showing promise at our public events is the new Guacamole Dip seasoning powder. However, the number one dip mix on the list of top US products is Cucumber and Dill. It also is the perfect topping on salmon and other fishes. 

Another recently-added item to the Watkins product line is bound to become an instant favorite, not only for its great taste but also its economical size. The one-time use packets are available for turkey gravy, brown gravy, chili seasoning and taco seasoning, all for less than $1.40 each. These should sell well, not only for the holidays, but all year long.

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