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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Willard? Can I throw a

Watkins Good Tasting Party?

A what?

A Watkins Good Tasting Party!

You remember that nice Watkins man Pete Donahue who would come
by every month with his Watkins wagon?


Well, he died. But not before teaching his grandson Charlie about Watkins.

What’s that got to do with you throwing a party?

Charlie told me I could earn my own money without having to sell eggs at the Farmer’s Market by inviting neighbors to a Watkins party and launching my own Watkins business!

Pete would roll over in his grave! I thought he passed his Watkins territory over to his grandson?

Watkins doesn’t have territories. Charlie doesn’t even go door-to-door. He learned to build his Watkins business from some fellows out in California, who run the Big Bear Country Store.

Why did Charlie go to California when he’s too lazy to go door-to-door? During the war, wives kept the home fires burning and bills paid by selling Watkins. You need to focus on farm chores, not these wild ideas about your own Watkins business.

Wake up and smell the Watkins Vanilla coffee brewing, Willard! Charlie learned a new way to market Watkins from the Big Bear Country Store managers without leaving home. He met them though the Internet, which is how they sell Watkins throughout the country! Charlie was impressed with Alan and David because they became Watkins managers in only nine months, built a team of 40 some Associates, then celebrated for a week in Hawaii while Watkins picked up the tab!

Just because some fast-talkin’ Californians have Pete’s grandson thinking he can give up the farm and become rich by selling Watkins, I hope you don’t think the grass is greener outside our own 10 acres of farmland.

I can make enough money from my Watkins Good Tasting party to become a Watkins Associate, buy my own computer and start selling the Watkins fall holiday product line!


Web-hosting? Pete operated a pretty good business out of that wagon. I’m calling the kids. Their mother is showing the first signs of Alzheimer’s.

I’ve already called Betty Sue and Johnny. They’re ready to teach me how to use a computer! They’re even talking about becoming Watkins Associates. You should be thrilled you’re part of a growing, self-sufficient Watkins family.

I may become a Watkins Associate myself, or else a Watkins widower! But don’t make me learn how to use those computer contraptions. I’ll start at the barbershop and show you how pitching Watkins can be just as simple as pitching … well, hay!

Sounds like you’re sold on Watkins, Willard.


You too can party your way to a successful, home-based business this holiday season, just by introducing your friends and neighbors to the wonderful world of Watkins.

Give the managers of the Big Bear Country Store a toll-free call at


They can fill you in on how easy it is to host a party. Or check out their web site at

to see how they managed to become the

#6 Top Watkins Consultants in North America

in their first year with the company!

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